Ten things that will never be the same in St Albans since coronavirus

Flowers at the Clock Tower. Picture: Matt Adams

Flowers at the Clock Tower. Picture: Matt Adams - Credit: Archant

Has our city changed forever since the virus struck?

Andy Day as Jangles in St Albans pantomime Sleeping Beauty at The Alban Arena last year. Picture: Pa

Andy Day as Jangles in St Albans pantomime Sleeping Beauty at The Alban Arena last year. Picture: Pamela Raith - Credit: Pamela Raith

Ten things that might never be the same again in St Albans after COVID-19:

1. Did you used to enjoy a relaxing lunch at the Clock Tower? Thanks to the pollenation barrels, that could bee a thing of the past. Unless you want to get stung. I mean, they do look pretty and they say as long as you don’t make them angry they leave you alone.

2. Remember girating up against a perspiring PE teacher - in an actual shirt - behind a pole at Batchwood at the end of term party? Never again. Social distancing is not good for the love life. If indeed that was love. It’s doubtful.

3. Your annual fix of minor CBeebies celebs in sequinned trousers eyeballing you while singing S Club 7 classics from your youth...Yes, I’m talking about the pantomime, of course. It is yet to be announced if it is happening at all. It might be, er...behind us. Or something.

4. Did you love seeing your toddler shriek with joy after being sprayed with cold water at the splashpark? Now that is probably just a distant memory. Maybe you could teach them to wash the car with a hose instead...both fun and practical.

5. Turning up at Starbucks with your caffeine-stained reusable cup and thrusting it into the hands of the barista. Now you have to keep your germs to yourself and pay an extra 25p for the priviledge.

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6. Sitting huddled at the back of The Pudding Stop with a brandy and a slice of cherry pie in the winter. Nope that romantic little space has now been turned into another kitchen to make more blondies. They do rasperry and white chocolate blondies now too. It’s not all bad...

7. Hugging someone you haven’t seen for ages in the middle of St Peter’s Street. You go in for a quick cuddle and then you see a big blue sign. Little did I know when my private school friend talked about the Habedashers ‘one metre rule’ all those years ago that it would catch on for poor people too.

8. You have your big night all planned out...all that is missing is a Burberryesque style tee shirt for £8.99 and a polyester flat cap. Panic sets in as you realise River Island has disappeared from The Maltings. Your only hope now is Next in London Colney...

9. Smacking the hell out of your friend during boxercise in Nuffield gym while the kids spent some quality time with better adult role models in the creche. No, the childcare is not available and may not be again for some time.

10. Pushing your way to the front of the stage at The Horn. Crowds and music could be a thing of yesteryear, for sure.