Meet experts at St Albans LitFest workshops

Jessica Chivers

Jessica Chivers - Credit: Archant

There’s a chance to grill some of the top writers and experts in a variety of different literary fields as part of a series of workshops taking place during St Albans Literary Festival.

Ian Young

Ian Young - Credit: Archant

A host of different sessions are being run across the city centre for the duration of the festival between November 6-9.

Join local authors Christine Brown-Quinn and Jessica Chivers for a discussion on Women in Business, covering some of the burning issues facing working parents who want to demonstrate professional commitment whilst still meeting family needs.

Find out how to write your first book, and more importantly, get it published, in an interactive workshop led by Mindy Gibbins-Klein, founder of The Book Midwife, headline sponsor of the St Albans Literary Festival.

Children’s author Liz Baddaley takes on the complex issues of hope and loss and their treatment in children’s literature. This event will include readings from Liz’s first novel, The Finding of Freddie Perkins and will also explore some classic children’s books that deal with these difficult themes.

Helen Gordon

Helen Gordon - Credit: Archant

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Herts Advertiser editor Matt Adams will look back over a career spanning 20 years in journalism to offer advice on entering the profession, how the industry has changed, and how a weekly newspaper is put together.

Helen Gordon, creative writing tutor at Hertfordshire University, will be leading an immensely enjoyable and informal workshop which is bound to get anyone well on the right track to becoming a master wordsmith.

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Helen teaches writers to challenge themselves and write outside their comfort zones, making use of visual, verbal and group-writing prompts to help kick that dreaded writer’s block.

The story is as old as humanity itself. Seen scribbled on the walls of caves, or written in long forgotten languages, stories have the power to alter society and change the way we view our world. Join acclaimed author and playwright Imogen De La Bere in a discussion about the importance of story telling, and why we need to continue writing down our stories.

Andy Jarosz

Andy Jarosz - Credit: Archant

The internet can provides you with the unlimited opportunity to express yourself; who you are, what you do or what you care about, if you know how. Join successful local blogger Penny Carr as she teaches you to harness the power of the internet to express what you have a passion for; where to start and where to go with your next venture.

Journey to some of the most exotic places on the globe for a workshop on travel writing. Five published travel writers will share their fascinating tales, covering everywhere from France to Uzbekistan, and reveal what it’s like to have what many consider to be the ideal career.

Join Ian Young as he reveals to you his tale of how he went from being an addict and homeless to turning his life around and deciding to coach those in a similar situation to what he experienced. He will be presenting a reading and discussion of his book It’s Not About Me! Confessions of a Recovered Outlaw Addict, from Living Hell to Living Big, about his experiences.

Prolific local author Carol Hedges will be talking about writing adult fiction in her workshop From Brain to Book, teaching about the writing process, the use of beta readers and her methods for writing a piece of work you can be proud of. She will also offer priceless advice on the various publishing routes available and how to successfully use social media to sell your books.

The majority of these events are free and just require booking in advance - see

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