Looking to be dry if muggy for Meraki Festival

Meraki Festival

Meraki Festival - Credit: Archant

It’s looking to be a dry, if muggy weekend for the Meraki Festival.

Campers arriving at the St Albans festival on Thursday afternoon can expect sunshine, temperatures of 17C, and gentle winds, which will stop the tent taking off before it’s secured!

On Friday, the Met Office is predicting a cloudy, cool day, with temperatures of around 15C.

This is where festival-goers will start to feel humidity creep in - the Met Office expects between 82 and 89 per cent.

They are also forecasting some rain at 4pm, so be sure to have your brolly ready.

Temperatures will rise on Saturday, becoming as high as 20C at 4pm.

Humidity will also rise to between 93 and 83 per cent.

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Something else to watch out for is UV levels, which the Met Office expects to be as high as four on the index.

While four is considered moderate on the ultraviolet (UV) radiation index, it is enough to cause sunburn so bring suncream.

On Sunday, temperatures will remain around 19C and there will still be some clouds about.

It will be less humid - the Met Office expects just 64 per cent at 4pm.

UV levels are likely to remain moderate.

It should stay clear for the journey home, with no rain expected in the South of England on Sunday.