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O tempora O mores!

I was sitting this morning in the pleasant mini-park behind the St Albans council offices when a respectable-looking couple came in with their two children.

The little girl, who looked about five, walked on to a flower bed and pulled the head off a rose. Her father, seeing her elder brother looking deprived, went to the same flower bed, pulled off another rose head and gave it to him. The scene was totally ignored by a council contractor working nearby with a strimmer. Proceeding with his work along the edge of a lawn he carefully avoided a large plastic bag and left it lying on the grass.

What sort of age do we live in?


Cunningham Hill Road, St Albans

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Thank you very much for providing such detailed coverage of the noise nuisance caused by aircraft flying over residential areas in the north of St Albans. It seems that the rerouting is causing real problems and I have received a number of complaints from local people. Consequently, I have asked for a briefing for councillors and will then be in a better position to know how to take this forward.

In the meantime, as Michael Lavender-Jones suggests, if this affects any readers please do register your complaint with the Civic Aviation Authority and with Luton airport. Both can be done online.


County Councillor, St Albans North

Glenferrie Road, St Albans

What has happened to our lovely city of St Albans?

Having visited Harpenden, Hitchin, Kings Langley and even London Colney all displaying wonderful arrangements of summer flowers, why, oh why do we as a city not make an effort to brighten up the centre?

Since the Town Hall closed it is a disgrace all around the building, at least the front could be smartened up with a banner explaining to the visitors what is going to happen in the future.

If we wish to attract visitors at least make the place bright and welcoming.

A few years ago it was a pleasure to walk around and admire the planting, now everywhere looks grey and dreary.

It’s not too late to make a plan to brighten up our city, one we can be proud to reside in!


Herons Way, St Albans

I read with interest your article in the Herts Advertiser concerning the petition which was submitted to SADC requesting that both Anne Main and Peter Lilley resign immediately in the wake of the vote to Leave the EU.

This petition was of course proposed by Cllr Chris White, who was pictured with fellow Anti Democrat party members and councillors outside the council offices. I wonder whether Cllr White and others realise that they have the opportunity to not vote for Mrs Main or Mr Lilley at the next General Election, should they feel that their MP holds a ‘polar opposite’ view to them.

I rejoice that here in the UK, we live in a democracy whereby we can, should we wish, oust a sitting MP by not voting for them. Remember, this is something we could not do with the European Commissioners who will continue to control us like puppets from afar until we finally sever ties with the failed project.

I hope that Cllr White will also be starting petitions to call upon MPs Norman Lamb and Nick Clegg to resign immediately, seeing as they campaigned for a Remain vote, whilst their constituents voted Leave. I would hate for Cllr White to appear to want one rule for one, but another for his own party.

This would however mean 25 per cent of the Anti Democrats currently sitting in Parliament resigning; has he not learned that it was because his party was so out of touch with the electorate at the last General Election that their share of the vote dropped by nearly 65 per cent?

Now is not the time for cheap politicking, but a time to come together, accepting the result of the referendum as a democratic exercise whereby the majority of the UK voted to Leave the EU and fly free once again, breaking away from the reins of control and the nanny state.


Harness Way, St Albans

My correspondence comes in three parts. Firstly I must congratulate Anne Main and Peter Lilley for their integrity on how they voted in the EU Referendum.

Integrity is difficult to find in today’s politics and it is refreshing to find politicians who possess this quality. Secondly I must take exception to the comments by Sandy Walkington who states there were a lot of half-truths put about by those seeking to leave the EU.

Perhaps he should look at some of the totally unfounded forecasts of the prophets of doom in big business and the left wing luvvies in showbusiness

Thirdly, I take very strong offence to the lengthy, rambling, vitriolic article by Helen Campbell in which she says as a result of the referendum she feels ashamed to be British.

If she is so ashamed of her nationality there are many options open to her, namely, go and live elsewhere in the EU. She makes the claim that peace in Europe is now at immense risk. I must inform her that it is not the EU which has kept Europe peaceful, but NATO. She than has the temerity to suggest that anyone who voted to leave the EU is nationalistic and inherently racist and not informed enough to have an intelligent opinion. What is wrong in having national pride? It certainly does not make the 17 million plus voters who opted to leave as racists or to coin another phrase used by Remainers ‘Little Englanders’.

Another wild statement occurs in her letter in which she states ‘we have all been let down’. I do not feel let down, nor am I claiming some kind of victory, on the contrary I remain very optimistic for the future of our country. To close, I am certain that the EU is on the path to utter chaos as other nations will follow our lead by seeking major reforms or leaving altogether. The signs are already there. Thankfully we will not be part of this.


New House Park, St Albans

I am sorry but not surprised that Sandy Walkington should show so little respect for those of us who chose to vote “leave” in the referendum by suggesting we “come to our senses”. I thought that a most petty and offensive remark especially since, on a national basis there were rather more of us than the opposition. But I would like Mr Walkington to consider the following case which came before the European court of Human Rights and on which judgment was reported in The Times on July 21.

An appeal was made against their conviction by a UK court, of murder and a lesser offence by two men who appealed repeatedly over a number of years on various grounds and ultimately on that of not having had a fair trial because of several delays. Their several appeals had gone through various procedures in the UK courts and eventually arrived at the ECHR who decided that the appeal should succeed. A decision which many people might construe as ““getting away with murder”.

Contrast this with a recent case where following the murder of a young woman in Bath about 30 years which went unsolved until earlier this year when a man undergoing a test for a different offence had his DNA taken and this was found to match that found on the victim of the crime. This man has now been convicted and sentenced under UK law and is likely to die in prison.

Which legal system does Mr Walkington feel is the more just? In complete possession of my senses I infinitely prefer the British.


Townsend Drive, St Albans

I find it interesting that when faced with a legitimate criticism Cllr Sandy Walkington falls back on his legal training by stamping his little feet and crying, “libel!” (Letters July 21). My conscience is clear; Sandy Walkington knows exactly why he “simply retold” the story of the 75-year-old who didn’t think he should be voting in the referendum – he (Cllr Walkington) didn’t think older people could be trusted to deliver the “right” result and therefore if they really must go near a ballot box on polling day it should only be as a proxy for their youngers and betters.

There really was no need for me to “fabricate” anything, it’s as plain as plain can be. Rather than apologising to older voters, Sandy Walkington has used these pages to distract us from the awfulness of what he meant. I just hope older residents remember in what low regard he holds their opinions next time he comes asking for their votes.

I also hope that Cllr Walkington reminds the members of his party that their leader, Tim Farron, voted for the necessary EU referendum legislation. They may not have wanted a “Brexit car crash”, but they certainly wanted to give the people the keys. Strange then, that having called a referendum the Lib Dems now plan to fight against the answer by standing on a platform of re-entry to the EU at the next General Election. It would almost be worth voting Lib Dem to see a Prime Minister Farron going to Brussels and asking to be let back into a club we have just left. It really is beyond parody!


Jerome Drive, St Albans

Having recently read Sandy Walkington’s letter in the Herts Advertiser regarding the Bretex debate I notice that he gives his address as Hatfield Road, St Albans. Is this the same person who on occasions gives his address as Hobbs Hill, Welwyn, or are their two people of this persuasion who have been living in or around St Albans for the past 30 years?

Regarding the news from the Hatfield Road Sandy Walkington that his Lib Dem party are enjoying a massive surge in membership, this is brilliant news for those of us who are steadfastly providing a consistant and genuine oppositition to the Conservative party, as we know from experience that one more Lib Dem supporter means one less Tory, as their popularity both locally and nationally continues to wane due mainly to the loss in trust for Nick Clegg’s political mate David Cameron.

Whilst I hope that this trend continues, it is nevertheless insignificant in comparison to the unparalled increase in membership of the Labour party.

PS. I hope this news is transmitted to the Welwyn Sandy.


Langley Crescent, St Albans