Where to live to commute to London? Finding your ideal home

Those working in London will want their daily commute to be as smooth as possible.

Those working in London will want their daily commute to be as smooth as possible. - Credit: Getty Images

Here are some top tips for finding a affordable house for sale for your daily commute to London

A short commute from London, St.Albans city includes a variety of attractions, including the Cathedr

A short commute from London, St.Albans city includes a variety of attractions, including the Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban - Credit: Getty Images

Exchanging city life for rural tranquility without losing the London salary is a dream for many. But where is best place to live to commute to London and where are the affordable houses? Here are the answers to the questions likely to circle around your head when looking for a houses for sale near London.

Finding the best spots for commuters

If you’ve got your dream job in the capital your daily commute to work will be a crucial factor in determining where to buy a new home. Living outside London, you’ll want your entry point into the city to make the journey to and fro as comfortable and easy as possible.

These modern houses for sale in St. Albans are available via Osprey Homes.

These modern houses for sale in St. Albans are available via Osprey Homes. - Credit: Osprey Homes

Jacqui Egan from Osprey Homes, offers this top tip: “Firstly decide what is an acceptable commuting distance with London stations that is convenient for your place of work. Review locations along these routes considering the price of a season ticket and frequency of local bus services should you be returning late at night. With the net cast wide for house hunting you will soon find the right balance between distance and price.”

Where to live near London with family?

Especially for families with children, available amenities will be important when choosing a location. There are a huge variety of towns and villages on the London commuter belt with houses for sale. Narrow your options down by eliminating the places that won’t cater to your needs.

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“Foremost is to determine your lifestyle preference as this will help you achieve the home of your dreams” advises Jacqui, “– do you want to reside in a rural environment or be part of a busy modern town. Once you have committed to a move you can then research locations in relation to schools, transport links and other amenities that will suit your tastes and needs.”

Where to buy affordable houses?

Based on your budget you can narrow your options down even more. By comparing the average house prices of different areas you will get a better idea of where you are most likely to be able to afford a home.

New build homes often offer a cheaper option for prospective buyers. For first time buyers these are sometimes the only way onto the property ladder, with schemes such as Help to Buy. Not only are modern houses usually less expensive at face value, but in the long run, they often require less maintenance than older properties. New build houses have to comply with the latest regulations meaning that they are far more energy efficient. Builders of new homes also offer incentives, such as reduced stamp duty and optional extras. Additional schemes include assisted move and part exchange to reduce the stress of organising your move all by yourself.

A case in point: St. Albans Square

Among the new housing developments near London, St. Albans Square built by Osprey Homes, offers a great solution for commuters. Located on the south side of St. Albans, it is perfectly situated, close to both the town centre, with all the advantages of living in a city, as well as green areas for leisure activities. Commuters enjoy trains to London, arriving at Kings Cross St Pancras, as well motor routes via the M1, A1 and M25.

The square includes three modern homes for sale. Each of these affordable, modern houses is composed of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan kitchen-dining room and separate lounge. The development also offers eleven two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments and allocated car parking.

Nearby you can find ample distractions to enjoy your weekends and days off. St. Albans city is sometimes described as ‘a jewel of a city,’ a bustle with boutiques, restaurants and bars. Steeped in culture and history, it features interesting landmarks such as The Clock Tower, St. Albans Cathedral and St. Albans Museum and Gallery.

Guided walks are programmed throughout the year on routes through the marketplace. There are plenty of green spaces, including Clarence Park, Highfield Park and Verulamium Park. For families with school-age children, it offers an excellent mix of state schools and independent schools. There are a variety of sporting facilities for football, hockey, rugby and even skateboarding, as well as walks along the River Ver.

For more information on Osprey Homes, St. Albans Square or their other developments visit ospreyhomes.co.uk or phone them on 01438758386