Third go at planting St Albans Princess Diana tree

TREE planters are hoping it will be third time lucky after planting a new sapling in memory of Princess Diana.

The first two oak trees planted at the Jersey Farm Woodland Park in the name of the Princess fell foul of drought and vandals respectively.

Recently six members of the Woodland Park management committee turned out to plant a new Diana tree and are urging visitors to the park to keep an eye on it.

The late Cllr Bill Morris originally proposed the planting of a special oak tree at the woodland Park in memory of the Princess and chose a site with a clear view across to St Leonard’s Church in Sandridge village in the valley below.

The first oak was planted the year after Princess Diana died and was killed off several years later in a hot and dry summer.

A replacement tree died last year after being attacked by vandals.

Taking the advice of their tree warden, the management committee have opted for an elm tree this time. Not only is it resistant to Dutch Elm disease which decimated swathes of the country late last century but it is also more drought tolerant than oaks.

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The decision to commemorate Princess Diana was taken because of the historic connections the Spencer family has with the area. They still own land in the district including most of Nomansland Common.