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Relaunch of Batchwood Nightclub - the Brewsters and Batchwood dancers

Relaunch of Batchwood Nightclub - the Brewsters and Batchwood dancers - Credit: Archant

Think your way to success! We all know that a positive mental attitude can work wonders, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Our latest guest speaker Mark Rhodes trains people every day on just how to achieve that level of concentrated resolve. Speaking at a recent Business Breakfast at St Michael’s Manor Hotel, sponsored by WMT Chartered Accountants, Mark talked about the importance of building the mindset you need to achieve your goals and dreams and start to notice more opportunities and have the confidence to act.

Mark Rhodes is an entrepreneur, business mentor, published author, international speaker and trainer in success and shows both individuals and businesses around the world how to massively improve their results with little or no extra effort! He helps people whether in business or not, to be the best that they can be.

He does this by helping people have more confidence and direction and by helping businesses win more sales, get more clients and customers and achieve their business goals.

This is done using the very same approaches, ideas and techniques that Mark has used for his own success. It’s not about “in your face” selling either, far from it, in fact Mark’s work also includes working with professional firms such as banks, accountants, solicitors and legal firms, for whom Mark’s approach is an ideal fit, in addition to more traditional businesses that he also helps covering most industries and sectors you could name.

Mark delivers comfort zone and limiting beliefs training, talks, and online seminars bringing about awareness and delivering tools for you to be more effective in how you communicate with yourself, through your thoughts and inner dialogue and especially through the things you say to yourself and how you say them.

We all hear the statements when someone is outside the comfort zone:

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“They won’t want me hassling them.”

“I can’t see myself doing that!”

“It doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I can do.”

“It’s just not me...”

“I will seem desperate.”

“They probably already have something like this.”

“I’m no good at selling.”

“I’ll sound nervous and might blush.”

And so on…Things like these and many other things can spin though our minds when approached with something we don’t feel comfortable about.

A lot of this is down to limiting beliefs, and these are beliefs we hold that limit us, sometimes until we start to examine why and how we do what we do on autopilot during the day we don’t even realise we are saying these things to ourselves, or picturing things going badly. The brain works really quickly and we have to pay attention to notice these things.

The approach required is to examine limiting beliefs with the audience and start to open up awareness to what they are, how they work, and how we can start to change them.

Do you and your team need some help winning more business, gaining confidence, doing presentations through to managing time better, delegating and dealing with conflicts? I found him fascinating and very interesting so you might too. for more informaiton.

Club Batchwood reopened a few weeks ago and many of the Chamber members went along to the relaunch. The refurbishment brings a variety of very smart and contemporary meeting spaces with the different areas inside and the courtyard garden outside, and is only five minutes away away from the city centre, with plenty of parking and impressive surroundings. If you would like further information contact Victoria Gray on 01727 856596.

The deadline is approaching for nominations for our Community Business Awards 2014, with the closing date for nominations on June 30. Why should you nominate? Chamber director Paul Rosenthal said: “St Albans has a huge talent pool, there are some incredible people in our business community and some very inspired businesses here too. Our Community Business Awards are based not only on the successes and achievements but also upon the impact of achievements on the business community and the people working within it.”

The awards are open to all businesses whose business strategy encompasses policies and projects that have a positive impact in the St Albans district. The activities should bring about economic, social or environmental benefits for the community.

Any business or individual in the St Albans district is eligible for nomination. You can nominate yourself, your business, or any other individual or business (colleagues/clients) for one or more of the seven awards (award sponsors are excluded from entry) Please download the nomination form from the Chamber website, it includes key areas of consideration for entries and only takes a few minutes to complete or send us an email for further details

The categories are THE PRESIDENT’S AWARDS sponsored by Hertfordshire Business Independent, NEW BUSINESS AWARD sponsored by Debenhams Ottaway Solicitors, YOUNG PERSON AWARD SPONSORED BY Oaklands College, GREEN BUSINESS AWARD sponsored by St Albans City & District Council, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AWARD sponsored by Harpenden Building Society, BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Rayner Essex Accountants and BEST RESTAURANT AWARD sponsored by the Herts Advertiser.