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SIR – The Herts Advertiser arrives chez moi most weeks and most weeks there is a letter to the editor about the appalling state of Hertfordshire roads (i.e. Joan Collins, Peter Mannell). Imagine my amazement when reading the, local Conservatives in Sop

SIR - The Herts Advertiser arrives chez moi most weeks and most weeks there is a letter to the editor about the "appalling state of Hertfordshire roads" (i.e. Joan Collins, Peter Mannell).

Imagine my amazement when reading the, "local Conservatives in Sopwell and Verulam" leaflet that Herts Highways have been awarded �500,000 by the Dept of Transport, "in recognition of their strategic approach to highways maintenance". A rare award apparently.

Stuart Pile, Herts CC for highways and transport, said: "We have been cited as an example of excellence by the Dept of Transport on a number of occasions"! Well, well. The Dept. of Transport can't have visited St Albans, can they?


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Bowes Lyons Mews

St Albans

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SIR - On a recent visit to Homebase, Alban Park, Hatfield Road, St Albans, I was outraged by the appalling and dangerous state of the approach road into Alban Park. The unrepaired potholes are so deep and hazardous now that cars are forced to navigate their way around them, often on the other side of the road and into the path of the oncoming traffic.

When I complained to a member of staff at Homebase about the poor condition of such a busy road, they informed me that there was an ongoing dispute regarding who was actually responsible for these long overdue repairs.

What is not in dispute, however, is the dangerous, neglected state of that road which, in my opinion, in the interest of public safety should be closed to all traffic immediately. Maybe that would prompt some positive action and instigate these essential repairs.

In the meantime, I intend to boycott all of the businesses that trade at Alban Park.



Lemsford Road

St Albans

SIR - I was surprised and pleased on my return from a few days away, to find that the short service road facing my and other three houses had been completely resurfaced.

That, despite a few minor imperfections having been well patched a few weeks earlier.

This 70-yard stretch of road, open at only one end, clearly carries little traffic, yet so many roads in the district remain in a deplorable state.

Could it be that our little road counts as one whole unit when Herts Highways reports on the number of St Albans roads fully resurfaced?


SIR - I read with interest the article about the removal of paving slabs in Hart Road and the replacement with tarmac.

I feel this is a very short sighted policy by the highways department as tarmac is always a short term solution and deteriorates relatively quickly and cracks and sinks frequently causing puddles.

Many of the paving slabs in this area have been down for 75 years or more and only require a modicum of maintenance to ensure more years of good service which is cheaper than tarmac in the long run.

Why is it that the conservation area seems to be the only one under consideration, we all pay a high rate of council tax and all our pavements are of equal importance to the residents.

J. Hoy

Beechwood Avenue,

St Albans

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