Reader letter: should fishing be banned?

Fishing lakes in Frogmore. Picture: DEBBIE WHITE/ARCHANT

Fishing lakes in Frogmore. Picture: DEBBIE WHITE/ARCHANT - Credit: Debbie White/Archant

I live on the River Lea in Harpenden. Since the start of the fishing season (June 16) I have seen many dead but once obviously very healthy, fish floating down stream.

Not only is this distressing to see but it is occurring on a stretch of the river that has ‘no fishing’ signs prominently displayed.

When said anglers are approached, a string of abuse eminates from them stating: “We aren’t doing any harm.” That is not the conclusion I have drawn from what I see on a regular basis.

I am coming round to thinking fishing should be banned.


Lower Luton Road, Harpenden

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