Reader letter: fight against Symondshyde housing development

Land off Symonshyde Farm. Picture: KEVIN LINES

Land off Symonshyde Farm. Picture: KEVIN LINES - Credit: Archant

On Wednesday, June 28 evening, I attended an open meeting about the proposed Symondshyde development.

I’ve felt strongly opposed to this outrageous scheme since I first heard about it but have assumed that, like most schemes of this nature, big business (or well connected landowners) will win and there’s little point in objecting.

However, I was inspired and uplifted after hearing Save Symondshyde’s belief in their plans for preventing the destruction of this precious part of Green Belt.

The Memorial Hall in Wheathampstead was packed! Everyone was particularly enthused and inspired by their guest speaker (a past chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England) and I believe a substantial sum was raised during the interval.

The campaign needs funds so that they can be represented by a planning expert at the forthcoming independent examination.

If they can raise enough money to do this, I believe they can win. If they do, we’ll all be winners, as will our children and grandchildren who will continue to enjoy this very special area.

Maybe some of your readers would also like to donate -

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