The Secret Estate Agent on moving house, sales collapsing and Christmas celebrations

Our Secret Estate Agent will be unmasked next week in his final column. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Our man's identity is no longer a secret. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Let Hertfordshire’s Secret Estate Agent answer your property questions and give an insight into the world of estate agency.

Are you expecting some sales to fall through next year when it becomes clear that the stamp duty holiday deadline isn’t going to be met?

It is going to be squeaky bum time as the deadline gets closer and there will be an additional strain on solicitors, some of whom have been already been turning away new business.

There isn’t much wriggle room for sales recently agreed and aiming to complete before the end of March, but I think the majority of sales will still go through if all parties are motivated to move. A bird in the hand, as coined by Rod Hull.

How are you celebrating Christmas with your colleagues this year? What have been the most memorable work Christmas parties you’ve attended?

Last year’s was a day in Dublin, which set a high bar; this year’s could be a day in the office with a four pack of Guinness with the current restrictions in place, which sets a low bar for next year.

The most memorable ones tend to be the ones I can’t recollect, but all added to the trepidation of going to work the next day relying on my colleagues to fill in the gaps.

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One year the free bar frenzy was a stampede for the double brandy and cokes, orders which led to all sorts of misbehaving - so I was reliably informed the following day. The following year social management banned all double orders, so everyone just ordered two drinks at a time. Strangely, the accounts department were always the first to the bar.

Have you ever thought about cashing in your St Albans pad and setting off for a new life somewhere more affordable? Could this be the retirement plan? When do you see yourself retiring?

I have moved house three times and what puts me off moving is dealing with those bloody estate agents. I had thought of buying a place in Brighton a few years ago for retirement, then prices went through the roof and now it’s too busy.

St Albans will do for me, it’s a great place to live and work and I count myself lucky. Retirement is not in my thoughts. as having previously ended up stagnating with a local agent for over 20 years I now feel revitalised having rekindled my passion for estate agency in my new venture. Thank you for asking, I wanted to get that one in.

This is your final week as the Secret Estate Agent. How do you feel? Are you ready to be unmasked?

I feel it is time to reveal myself to my many followers. It was only supposed to be for a month and you should always know when to leave a party and I do feel the hosts have gone to bed.

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