Who will buy my house?

Real estate agent holding keys

Real estate agent holding keys - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Vendors with a target buyer in mind should pay attention to attracting that buyer as they could steal a march on the competition, says Harrison Murray Estate Agents Harpenden manager Andy Moss.

Most sellers think their house holds mass appeal - that it has something to offer most buyers. But to ensure that your house acts like a magnet to attract your most likely buyer you need to first identify them then find out as much as you can about that buyer.

But how?

Identify: Ask your agent who they consider to be your most likely buyer and why. Then look at your viewers: what kind of age group are they in, and what ‘life chapter’ are they currently at? Are they ’upsizing’ or ‘downsizing’? Is it a couple or a family?

Motivation: Are the potential buyers looking for a quieter life at a slower pace, or do they want to move somewhere urban and cosmopolitan? What would they expect to pay and what are they able to pay? You agent must spend time ‘qualifying’ buyers, to make sure that they don’t waste anyone’s time and that they are motivated and enthusiastic about moving home.

Aspiration: What are they looking for? Do they want great restaurants nearby and a train station within walking distance? Or would they prefer an en-suite and a large garden? Match their needs. Buyers are trying to spot clues that a home is what they’ve been looking for, so make sure they find them. The urbanites may well be pleased to see a bottle of champagne, a state-of-the-art coffee machine and some chic coffee table books. Those buyers looking for outside space and a more relaxed pace of life may be attracted by pretty window boxes and somewhere to barbecue with friends.

Remember – know your buyer – win the sale!