Twin your toilet for charity this Christmas

What have you got to loos?

What have you got to loos? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Does your toilet need a twin? Have you ever sat on the lavatory and thought, “I must provide you with a sibling”? Me neither.

But toilet twinning is totally a thing and it’s actually quite brilliantly simple and wonderful.

By hooking your toilet up with a latrine half way around the world in a country of your choosing, you will help bring joy to a family in poverty, by providing them with a decent loo.

Even if you’re not feeling that flush this festive season, it’s £60 and makes a positive difference.

Or if you’re giving it as a Christmas present, you could buy an £80 gift set, which comes with a toilet twin, loo roll and a bar of soap.

It’s a Tear Fund project, enabling clean water, basic sanitation and access to work and school.

You receive a certificate for the smallest room in your house, a photo and GPS coordinates, for looking up your twin on Google Maps.

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For £240, you can twin with a school block or toilets in a displacement camp.

With better health, adults are more able to work the land and grow food - and children can attend school, instead of collect water or miss out on school.

In Africa, half of young girls who drop out of school do so as they need to fetch water, often from many miles away, or because the school doesn’t have a basic toilet.

Go on, what have you got to loos?

And if you do twin your toilet, urine good company – celebrity comedian Tim Vine did it and quipped: “I’ve twinned my toilet with a toilet in Ethiopia. If I get there and someone’s using it, I’ll be slightly annoyed!”

Order before December 18 to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas Day. Visit for more information.