Turn paper dreams into reality - by leaving it to experts

Call on the experts to help with your wallpapering

Call on the experts to help with your wallpapering - Credit: Archant

A surge in the popularity of wallpaper has left homeowners in St Albans and Harpenden planning to revamp rooms for summer in a tricky situation.

The intricate style and highly decorative designs of many modern coverings have led to more people than ever choosing the medium to create a new look.

But the beauty of such decor can easily be marred by amateur application with mis-matched patterns, uneven joints and smears of paste spoiling what would otherwise become the focal point of a room.

That’s why more and more homeowners are turning to experts to help them get the most out of their design ideas.

Neil Ogilvie, chief executive of the Painting and Decorating Association (PDA), said: “Modern wallpaper can look fabulous, but it can be very difficult to apply properly.

“The effect of top-quality décor can be almost completely ruined because it has been hung poorly or because preparation has been rushed.

“So we’d urge people determined to get the most out of their wallpaper to call in a professional who’ll ensure professional workmanship.”

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Members of the PDA are experts in the field. The national trade body promotes the highest standards in painting and decorating and membership of the organisation acts as a demonstration of expert credentials.

Painters and decorators undergo stringent procedures to become a member of the association - the UK’s largest trade body dedicated to the highest standards in painting and decorating - including a minimum of five years’ experience or professional qualifications.

This means anyone employing a painter and decorator allied to the PDA is assured of a top quality job at a fair price.

And to ensure the skills are passed down from generation to generation of decorators, the PDA runs training and development programmes including the apprentice Wallpaper Hanger of the Year contest, where trainees showcase their expertise in a test of skill, nerve and precision.

Neil added: “Hanging wallpaper is a precise art – and it’s something that our apprentice competitors work hard to perfect.

“It calls for a professional and methodical approach, with excellent application skills and attention to detail.

“These are important skills for young decorators to master for their future career.

“There’s much more to hanging new coverings than some people might realise, if the job is to be done to a certain standard.

“Professional decorators will, for example, ensure the paper is hung plumb and that joints are invisible.

“They’ll take care to position all patterns correctly and will make sure there are no bubbles or blisters in the final finish.

“They’ll also ensure there are no marks or lifting edges and that surrounding areas are left clean of paste.

“Employing a professional will cost more than DIY of course, but you get what you pay for – and the final effect is likely to be so much better.”

Homeowners can search for a member of the PDA in their area by visiting the PDA website.