Top tips for burglar-proofing your home

Enhanced security buys peace of mind while you're away

Enhanced security buys peace of mind while you're away - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Peak holiday season is now upon us, meaning home security is key for anyone planning a trip away.

So what can we do to keep burglars at bay?

Making your property look tough to get into is a good place to start, as opportunist thieves will be less likely to target it.

Check out these top tips from security specialist Yale, which should help keep your home burglar-free this summer.

Secure your doors

Sounds obvious, but opportunist burglars rely on weaknesses with this obvious entry point to gain access, so it’s worth checking they’re up to scratch.

Updating the locks and furniture on your front and back doors will not only help boost your home’s security, but it will also enhance its aeasthetics. Bonus.

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To meet the latest standards, new PVCu and composite doors are fitted with locks and hardware conforming to the PAS24 standard. However, if you are not in a position to renew your existing exterior doors, you can opt to upgrade locks and handles individually.

The new PAS3621 Doormaster lock offers top level security for multi-point locks and has been designed with the replacement market in mind.

A door fitted with a high security TS007 three star cylinder and handle combination presents a powerful proposition, and should make any opportunist burglar think twice.

Work on your windows

Vulnerable, badly maintained windows are easy to spot and represent a quick way of getting into a home that won’t arouse attention.

The best burglar deterrent is a quality window lock - a simple, affordable and highly effective way of enhancing your home’s security.

Alongside the security benefits, when reviewing your windows you can also consider installing new, more energy efficient options prior to winter, to keep more heat in the house.

Consider your surroundings

Think outside the box – and the house – and consider what’s going on around your property. Make sure gates are closed, fences are repaired and hedges and bushes are trimmed and tidy, making it trickier for thieves to remain undetected.

Invest in outdoor security lighting and put the spotlight on would-be burglars. Alarms act as a strong visual deterrent, with statistics showing that 60 per cent of thieves say they would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm.

For more information and advice on summer security, visit the Yale website,