These are our most annoying household habits

36 per cent of people said that dirty plates and cups left lying around was one of their pet peeves

36 per cent of people said that dirty plates and cups left lying around was one of their pet peeves - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s a case of happy house, happy spouse according to a new survey, which shows that pet peeves at home can result in relationship breakdowns.

From wet towels on the bed to dirty cups and plates left lying around the place, minor irritations can have dramatic consequences.

A new survey highlights how spouses should tread carefully – with their shoes off – if they want to avoid conflict on the home front.

Home interiors specialist sourced this info by quizzing 2,396 UK adults who shared a home with their spouse.

When asked if they had ‘any pet hates that your spouse or even house guests should avoid doing in your home’ the vast majority (77 per cent) answered ‘yes’.

These were their top five pet peeves:

1. People not taking their shoes off and walking on carpet – 51 per cent

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2. Lights being left on in empty rooms – 46 per cent

3. Doors and windows left open when the heating is on – 42 per cent

4. Leaving wet/dirty towels on the bed after use – 40 per cent

5. Dirty plates and cups left lying around – 36 per cent

Respondents opted to deal with these irritations in a range of ways, with 43 per cent ‘highlighting the issues in a light manner’, 29 trying to sort the situation out themselves where possible, and 22 per cent ‘waiting for those responsible to sort’ the issue.

The consequences were more serious for 7 per cent, who tended to ‘get angry and confrontational’, while for 5 per cent it was even more catastrophic: they confessed that their relationship broke down because of arguments their about home life.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for, noted that such issues should be addressed, saying: “Pet hates seem silly but not dealing with them can have extreme consequences.”

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