The 10 most unneighbourly behaviours revealed

52 per cent of fed up Brits have confronted a neighbour about their behaviour

52 per cent of fed up Brits have confronted a neighbour about their behaviour - Credit: Getty Images/F1online RF

Stealing our bin space and failing to maintain their lawns and driveways are the two most annoying things our neighbours can do, a new study has revealed.

According to, more than a fifth (21 per cent) of Brits have considered moving house to escape their neighbours’ irritating ways – and 4 per cent have gone ahead and done it.

More than 2,800 UK adults were asked whether they’d ever been left feeling disgruntled by their current or previous neighbours’ behaviour, either in or around their homes, and 88 per cent answered ‘yes’.

The study suggested that the great British reserve may be a thing of the past, with 52 per cent admitting they had confronted their neighbours about their behaviour.

Only a third (32 per cent) felt this made a difference to their situation going forward, however – and 41 per cent said it made matters worse.

Melissa Benedict, spokesperson for, said: “It seems as a nation we are becoming increasingly more agitated with those who share the same postcodes as us.

“Having to deal with the occasional loud party next door during the summer months is one thing, but being kept awake night after night or not being able to move your car out of the drive can have a serious effect on how much you enjoy your home.”

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Top 10 neighbour no-nos

1. Messy front lawns/driveways – 68%

2. Stolen bin space – 52%

3. Loud music/TV late at night – 50%

4. Inconsiderate parking -47%

5. Screaming/noisy babies and children – 45%

6. Loud DIY home improvements – 37%

7. Throwing parties with lots of friends – 31%

8. Asking overly friendly/nosy questions – 26%

9. Not returning borrowed items – 17%

10. Loud love-making sessions – 11%