Take the stress out of moving by following these top tips

Moving house needn't be stressful...

Moving house needn't be stressful... - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Moving house is well known for being one of the most stressful things you can do in life.

A national estate agency is helping ease the burden with a list of tips aimed at minimising the pain of the process.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at Leaders, says: “It’s rare for any move to be completely free of stress but there are certainly ways to make the process easier. By following our tips you can make sure things go as smoothly as possible and avoid some common problems.”

These are Leaders’ five rules to move by:

1 Get your accounts in order

Having your finances sorted will give you the edge from the start. If you need a mortgage, make sure you have pre-approval before you even start looking seriously for somewhere to buy. That way, you’ll know where you stand budget-wise and you’ll be taken seriously as a potential purchaser. Consult a mortgage adviser if you’re struggling to get your head round the figures.

2 Sell your place first

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Already having your home on the market – or, better still, being in a rented property – means you’ll be seen as a more committed potential purchaser. If you’re selling and you already have an offer on the table, all the better.

3 Seek a surveyor and a conveyancer

Getting a survey on your future home is strongly advised. Check your surveyor’s credentials before signing them up and make sure they’re professional and qualified. A conveyancer will be required to organise the legal side of your move once your offer has been accepted and the sale starts to progress, so start looking for a good one now.

4 Keep communicating

Communication is key to a smooth-running sale, so make sure you’re quick to answer queries or provide required documentation.

5 Choose your estate agent wisely

If you’re selling, choosing the right agent is extremely important. Ask around for recommendations, then meet the agents in person to ask questions and make sure they’re the right match for you.