St Albans named among UK's coldest cities

Market Place, St Albans

St Albans: expensive, pretty – and cold. Picture: Charles Baker - Credit: Charles Baker

We're used to seeing our Cathedral city named among the most expensive or prettiest places in the UK, but never the most freezing – until now. 

St Albans has come 14th in a countdown of the UK's coldest cities, with an average winter minimum temperature of just 1.26 degrees. 

Conservatory Blinds 4 Less used Met Office data to calculate average temperatures over December, January and February, with Perth in Scotland crowned the chilliest with an average of 0.43 degrees. 

In fact, the top 10 was exclusively occupied by cities in Scotland and northern England, with 12th position Hereford the first place south of Stoke to feature. 

London was way down the table in 29th place, with a balmy average of 2.06 degrees, making the capital that bit toastier than the UK average of 1.36 degrees.