St Albans crowned UK's cleanest city

St Albans cathedral is just one of the city centre's attractions. 

St Albans cathedral is just one of the city centre's attractions. - Credit: Jane Howdle

St Albans is the least polluted city in the UK, according to a new study. 

Novotel looked at a number of factors across 50 cities, including pollution, walking routes, green space, rainfall, annual pedestrian casualties and activeness of residents. 

A pollution score of just 17 per cent secured St Albans the 'least polluted city' ranking, ahead of Bradford and Leicester.

St Albans also scored high on the 'most walking routes' front, coming in third place behind Coventry and London.

There are apparently 367 walking routes within 25 miles of the Cathedral city, compared to 428 in the vicinity of Coventry.  

Weather data, walking routes and road traffic safety were combined with other factors to create a weighted ranking of the UK's best cities to be a pedestrian in.

St Albans came fifth, behind Chelmsford, Sheffield, Peterborough and Wakefield.