St Albans named among UK's most family-friendly cities

St Albans Cathedral. Picture: Alan Davies

St Albans is a safe place to raise a family – but childcare isn't cheap. - Credit: Alan Davies

It's official: St Albans is one of the best places in the UK to raise a family. 

The Herts hotspot came eighth in a countdown of child-friendly cities, while Bath came out on top. 

St Albans has been named the eighth best place in the UK to raise a baby. 

St Albans has been named the eighth best place in the UK to raise a baby. - Credit: Play Like Mum

Play Like Mum ranked UK cities on a range of factors, including safety, childcare affordability, child-friendly restaurants and ease of pram access, giving each place a mark out of 10. 

St Albans scored a solid 5.19, behind Bath's 7.09 and some distance ahead of bottom-place Coventry's 2.63. 

The Cathedral city's highest individual ranking was for safety, coming in second place behind Chelmsford. 

St Albans also came tenth for child-friendly restaurants (a list topped by Brighton & Hove) and fourth for ease of pram access, behind Westminster. 

Not surprisingly, St Albans fared badly for affordable childcare, with parents facing a typical monthly bill of £1,403, almost three times the £470 average paid by parents in chart-topping Leicester.