St Albans named best in the UK for recycling

Richard regularly reorganises his neighbours' recycling. Picture: Getty

St Albans residents wouldn't stand for this level of mixed recycling madness. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

St Albans is the best area in the UK for recycling, according to a new report.

Waste and recycling firm ranked local authorities on the percentage of household waste sent to recycling, reuse, or composting during 2021, and St Albans City and District Council came out on top with 64.2 per cent.

South Oxfordshire District Council (63.6 per cent) was next, followed by a second Herts hotspot, Three Rivers District Council (63.1 per cent), which covers Rickmansworth.  

Mark Hall, co-founder of, said: "It’s excellent to see so many areas we work in being credited for their recycling rates. We hope that these recycling rates with be even higher next year and more areas follow suit and recycle, reuse and compost their ways to help protect our planet.”

This isn't the first time St Albans has been commended for its strong recycling record: this latest study comes hot on the heels of the city's fifth place ranking in a recent countdown of the least wasteful towns and cities in England.