Spend summer indoors...

funny girl plays at home. girl having fun and resting. recreation and entertainment at home.

funny girl plays at home. girl having fun and resting. recreation and entertainment at home. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Now the sun is starting to come out, it’s tempting to put energy into the garden. But as we know, British weather can be unpredictable and the chance of being able to be outside as often as we would like is unlikely.

Wooden green fairy door from allpartythings.co.uk

Wooden green fairy door from allpartythings.co.uk - Credit: Archant

If you love being able to let the kids enjoy the garden and crave a few minutes’ peace, we have a savvy stylish solution.

Why not cheer up their bedrooms in summer themes? This will give your children and you the benefit of both worlds. If they love their bedrooms, they’re keen to spend time in there, meaning extra quiet moments for you. We still can’t guarantee they will keep them tidy though.

Teddy bear’s woodland picnic theme

Toy tea set from John Lewis

Toy tea set from John Lewis - Credit: Archant

If you go down to the woods today… This especially suits younger children. Think polka dot floor covers, gingham bunting, a Steiff teddy bear accessorised with pretty playful tea sets, beautiful cup cake artwork and a wooden cake stand for their favourite soft toys to picnic on.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar bedding or teddy bear duvet sets would work well here or the cupcakes bed covers that are everywhere just now. Dress your child into traditional pyjamas for that quintessential feel. Classic style to make them smile. A brilliantly British theme, which is perfect at this time. Chic and picnic - they even rhyme, see? Well, almost!

Turn the bedroom into the garden

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For girls who prefer fairies, there are some adorable flower fairy prints around. Notably Cath Kids’ range called ‘garden fairies’. Bringing the outside indoors can be simple and effective with metal butterfly door hooks, pretty practical flower LED lights, a wooden fairy door to add even more magic.

Try garden bunting with coloured flags, toadstool nightlights, bird designs in everything from bedding to wall stickers. And there are lovely little wooden ladybird pegs, which can be used to display treasured family photos along a ‘washing line’ of fairy lights. Depending on the child, you could even throw in a cuddly bee from John Lewis. It won’t be to scale with the tiny ladybirds and don’t put it too near the bed for fear of nightmares but bees are so ‘now’ and it’s great to be green, eh? A gnome mug can sit on the windowsill and make a wonderful tidy for all those stray Shopkins and Kinder egg toys. Invest in some cute kids pots for them to grow seeds in or an attractive indoor planter for that true green-fingered feel.

Summer holiday theme

This can incorporate all that is nautical about pirate interior but is more open to celebrating some other holiday features too. Think shell mirrors, fun ice cream canvasses, beach hut prints, candy striped rugs reminiscent of deckchairs designs, sandcastle inspired art and a camper van money box.

You could even throw in a mini bubble gum ball machine just like you find at the amusement arcades. Easy to obtain, cheerful and stylish, a summer holiday bedroom means they’re always on staycation. Repeat after me “We’re all going on a summer holiday...”