Six things you need to do to keep your home secure

We sure to keep doors, windows and side gates locked

We sure to keep doors, windows and side gates locked - Credit: Archant

A recent spike in burglaries in Hertfordshire means we can’t be too careful when it comes to securing our homes.

Herts Police offer six obvious, but all too often overlooked, tips on making your home safer.

1. Double-lock any UPVC doors by lifting the handle and locking it at all times.

2. Check all doors are locked and all windows, including those upstairs, are secure before you go out or go to bed.

3. Try to restrict access to the side and rear with fences and locked gates. Noisy surfaces, like gravel, are another good deterrent.

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4. Use timer switches on lamps to give the impression somebody is at home or keep a light on in the evening if you go out.

5. Consider installing alarms and ‘dusk to dawn’ security lighting.

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6. Consider installing a CCTV camera outside your property.

Additionally, they advise homeowners to join Neighbourhood Watch via to keep in the loop with all the latest crime prevention advice from their local policing team.

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