The Secret Estate Agent unmasked!

Our Secret Estate Agent will be unmasked next week in his final column. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Our man's identity is no longer a secret. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

After eight months' service our secret agent has opted to ditch his shadowy stock image and reveal his true identity.

Meet... Nick Doyle. 

Nick Doyle

Nick has been an estate agent in St Albans for 25 years. - Credit: Nick Doyle

What's been the best/worst thing about being the Secret Estate Agent? 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Listening to friends and work colleagues' comments, I overhead some very complimentary feedback, producing an inward smile and a tickled ego - followed by some real filth - and found myself leaping to the defence of myself anonymously. It was the spring of home, it was the winter of despair. 

What did your family and friends think? 

My wife was my worst critic, accusing me of not answering questions and being evasive. You would have thought after 20 years of marriage she would have been used to that by now. My two teenage sons haven't spoken to me for months, but I am not sure that has anything to do with me being the secret estate agent. 

I have mischievously brought it up in conversation with close friends to gauge a reaction. I'm still waiting for one to be honest. 

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Have any clients guessed it was you? 

Yes, as some of the comments and experiences have resonated and they put two and two together. I have mischievously dropped in a few of the quotes on valuations and appointments and been pleased with the response and positive feedback. 

Were you ever worried about your cover being blown?

Yes, on quite a few occasions and especially after a few drinks, but somehow managed to keep it relatively tight-lipped. 

I approached Jane Howdle about the idea back in the spring, expecting just a few weeks of coverage. I have been reliably informed by the Herts Ad that two of the columns were among the 10 most read property stories of 2020, with 5,000-plus views each. I must say, Jane has been very supportive and expertly corrects my grammar: and my. Puncuassion. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I have been a local estate agent for 25 years and decided to set up my own property consultancy company at the beginning of the year, but fell through all the financial support cracks the government opened. 

On the other side of the coin, the property industry has never been busier post-lockdown. I have worked with a few companies, mainly on land and new homes but a lot of my recent work has been with Cassidy & Tate, which has been a breath of fresh air. They are a very progressive agency with a strong marketing brand and a great team. 

A few side projects spinning, but new and old clients warmly received. 

Do you have any regrets about doing the column? 

No. I hope I have dispelled some myths surrounding estate agents, but perhaps have only served to reinforce some stereotypes? 

I wanted it to be amusing and irreverent and hopefully bring some humour in tough times. I know our profession's image and reputation is always stained in the public eye, but hopefully I have sprayed some light-hearted Vanish on the curry stain.

Perhaps I could come back in the New Year by public demand as the Recently Revealed Estate Agent?

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