Revealed: Britain’s spookiest streets

Would you live on Bloodhills or Broomstick Lane?

Would you live on Bloodhills or Broomstick Lane? - Credit: Getty Images/moodboard RF

Does the thought of living on Coffin Close or Deadman’s Lane send a shiver down your spine?

If the number of sales recorded on Britain’s spookiest streets are anything to go by, it would seem you’re not alone.

Online estate agent has revealed the 30 spookiest streets in Britain just in time for Halloween – and it turns out that just 19 people had the courage to buy a property on one of them in the last year.

In fact, there have only been 227 sales on these streets in the past decade, during which time Cemetery Lane and Hell Lane haven’t seen a single sale.

Alex Gosling, CEO of online estate agents, said: “Most of us wouldn’t read much into a name, but then we probably don’t live on Vampire Road, Reapers Close or Skull House Lane. And the sales numbers over the past year do suggest these streets may suffer a little because their names leave a shiver after the first viewing.

“Fortunately, most people aren’t spooked by Halloween and the name of the street is unlikely to be a factor if you find your perfect property. A determined buyer won’t be put off buying a house because the street name is Gallows Close or Dead Lane, but maybe they just won’t view it on Friday the 13th!”