Revealed: Best day of the week to put your property on the market

For your best chance of a sale, put your property on the market on a Monday

For your best chance of a sale, put your property on the market on a Monday - Credit: Archant

Ever wondered which day of the week is the best for putting your house on the market?

Turns out it’s a Monday.

After analysing thousands of properties for sale in the 12 months to September 2016, Which Money? found that those listed on a Monday were typically secured by a buyer in 176 days. Properties listed on a Sunday fared considerably worse, taking more than a month longer to shift - a whopping 213 days on average.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, says: “It seems the day on which you put your property on the market can have a significant impact on how quickly it sells, with homes made available at the start of the week selling more than a month faster than those listed at the weekend.

“Many people choose to browse the property market online at work or in the evenings to plan which homes they will view later in the week or at the weekend. So making your home appear as a brand new listing on a Monday is a shrewd move.”

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Of course, there’s far more to securing a sale than the day in which you put your property on the market.

Kevin adds: “There is plenty more you can also do to ensure your property sells quickly and progresses without a hitch. Presenting it for sale in the best possible shape and setting an asking price designed to maximise interest are just two more steps that are sure to lead to success.”

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