Property Secrets: Aspirational mentor and speaker Dr Kathy Weston

Dr Kathy Weston

Dr Kathy Weston - Credit: Archant

As well as being a mentor and motivational speaker, Dr Kathy Weston is also a regular presenter on Radio Verulam – and the latest person to share her property secrets…

Kathy's son's bed is from The Conran Shop

Kathy's son's bed is from The Conran Shop - Credit: Archant

Where are you from originally?

Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When did you buy your first property?

Around 1999 when I was a postgraduate student at Cambridge.

Where was it? What was it like?

It was about one mile from the centre of Cambridge by car (but a rather long cycle ride!)

The retro basement living room has furniture by BoConcept

The retro basement living room has furniture by BoConcept - Credit: Archant

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What did you like and dislike about it?

I loved it because it was all mine and I enjoyed the freedom of being able to decorate it the way I liked, albeit on a budget!

How long did you live there?

Until I was getting married in 2003 and needed to sell it to afford our first married home.

Which other areas have you lived in?

Greenwich, London

Where do you live now?

The plane hanging in Kathy's son's bedroom

The plane hanging in Kathy's son's bedroom - Credit: Archant

Central Harpenden, with my husband and two sons.

How long have you lived there?

Since 2014

How would you describe your home in three words?

Contemporary, stylish, tardis-like

What do you like/dislike about the area?

I love the fact that you can stroll down to the centre of Harpenden in a matter of minutes yet we are also close to the greenery of the Nickey Line where we go cycling and walking as a family.

Kathy's Rangemaster cooker

Kathy's Rangemaster cooker - Credit: Archant

What’s your favourite local restaurant, and why?

You can’t beat Lussmans! The interior reminds me of Cornwall for some reason.

Have you changed much about your house since you’ve lived there?

Yes, I added character to the bare walls with luxurious, overpriced wallpaper. I also had cupboards, bookshelves and a walk-in wardrobe built by Jon Cutmore, a talented local carpenter.

Have you carried out any major renovation work in your current home?

No, it was all ready and new when we moved in.

Where do you shop for interiors items?

The retro kitchen wallpaper is much-loved

The retro kitchen wallpaper is much-loved - Credit: Archant

My favourite shop is Su Chases interiors in Amersham. It is so beautiful inside that you just want put your bags down and live there.

What have been your best and worst interiors buys?

My best interiors purchased was a chandelier from that shop to fit in a large hallway in our previous home that was Georgian. My worst interiors purchase was probably a modern light fitting that came all the way from Paris, but doesn’t quite work in my home in Harpenden.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

The Loire Valley in France.

Do you have a ‘dream road’ locally?

I have a thing about East Common. It is within easy reach of the centre of town and there are lovely little wooded area to stroll around. My kids like the Up and Down woods there.

Do you see yourself moving on in the near future?

I think we have one big move left inside us, preferably to a house that we will design and build ourselves.

Where would you like to live next?

Possibly near the park in St Albans in Fishpool Street, walking distance from one of the cosy bars and lovely restaurants in George Street.

What would your dream home be like?

A Scandi-style open-plan 3000 sq ft modern villa with vast windows, concrete floors, and lots and lots of wood.

Dr Kathy Weston is an aspirational mentor, researcher, author and speaker on all areas of parenting, family life and education. You can read more about what she does here: or email her: