Online dating? Online house hunting? They’re practically the same thing, says Savills, Harpenden

Home hunting this Valentine's weekend?

Home hunting this Valentine's weekend? - Credit: Getty Images/VStock RF

Are you looking for a new home this Valentine’s Day?

Anyone who has used an on-line dating agency will be able to empathise with the thrill and excitement of finding that special someone who fits their criteria and the disappointment of when something doesn’t. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Savills encourages sellers and landlords to put their property under the same scrutiny as they would if building an on-line dating profile, in order to match it with the perfect buyers and tenants.

Photo – go through and very carefully select the best photos of your home and the ones which present it in the best light. Make sure your home looks neat and tidy and loved on both the inside and outside as first impressions count.

Personality – Properties do have personalities, whether they are cosy and snug; open to the outdoors. Make sure you highlight these benefits for someone coming to view...

How long is the relationship going to last – is your home available to let over a short-term or long-term tenancy? Or is it the type of home which individuals are going to only buy for 5 to 10 years; or for life? This may impact who you are pitching your home to.

What Age? From modern to historic, make the best of your property’s features and make sure it is in good condition. Dated bathrooms and kitchens can be very off-putting, especially for tenants. Take advice from your agent on whether it is worth investing in modernising them.

Location – where is the property and what are the positives of living there. If there are any negatives, such as being by a very busy road, it is best to be upfront so applicants are not disappointed when they arrive.

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Do you have a car? - Is there off-street parking? If yes, this can be a real positive and it is worth keeping a driveway clear for use by those viewing so they can truly appreciate its value – this is especially the case in town centre locations.