Comment: New Year, new look on the home front? The struggle is real

How are your interiors goals looking? Picture: Getty

How are your interiors goals looking? Picture: Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Planning an interiors overhaul in 2019?

We’re a third of the way through January already, meaning some of the New Year, new you/new kitchen-type goals that seemed absolutely do-able in the run up to Christmas have been abandoned already.

Me, I never really got started. I’m still ploughing through the leftover mince pies and brandy butter (shame to waste them) and the ongoing hall and stair carpet situation remains unresolved.

My sole interiors goal may sound achievable to some, but when you’re bound by the constraints of kids, pets and the fact that you don’t really even like carpet, these decisions do seem to drag on.

I fear I’m alone in this, however. All around me people are swiftly making their crittall versus bifold decisions, deciding that yes they can justify a Quooker tap or at the very least choosing a new carpet.

As a diversion, I’ve been pondering this year’s interiors trends. Apparently 2019 is going to be all about coral.

Going all out on the interiors fashion front can be a pricey process, but most of us can manage a few quid for a table lamp or tealight holder. Do we even like coral, though? Might need to answer that one first.

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A new kitchen is obviously a pricier matter altogether. As the owner of white gloss units which had been fairly newly fitted when we moved in to our place, I’ve long been of the feeling that this was an issue that didn’t need to be prioritised.

Suddenly we’ve been here seven years, and what for ages looked new and fresh is suddenly in danger of seeming dated.

Take a look at kitchens_of_insta on Instagram: it’s all about the black and navy units, the brass handles – oh, and the massive islands. Oh, the island envy!

For now I’ll stick to fretting over the more pressing carpet issue, one that can be resolved with a bit of thought and no remortgage. I might even go for coral.