Look north for high yield buy-to-let properties

Some homes in the St Albans district could lose up to £1,120 a month in housing benefit

Some homes in the St Albans district could lose up to £1,120 a month in housing benefit - Credit: PA

The property market may be alive and well in the south east, but when it comes to high rental yields, investors would be wise to look north.

Research results released recently show the top 10 high yield buy-to-let hotspots in the UK – and neither Hertfordshire nor London make the list.

Leeds is top of the table, with a 10.79 per cent yield, closely followed by Bradford (10.33 per cent) and York (9.73 per cent).

Northern and Scottish investors have the best chance of realising a buy-to-let yield above the national average of 3.3 per cent.

The average 2.9 per cent buy-to-let yield for London postcodes is lower than any other UK city.

Sandbanks in Poole – the luxury peninsula many football legends call home – has the lowest buy-to-let yield of any UK postcode. So sports stars Tony Pulis, Graeme Souness, Harry and Jamie Redknapp shouldn’t be expecting much of a return if they choose to let their properties.

The study reveals a clear geographical divide between The North and The South, with northern regions coming out on top and areas in the south east showing particularly poorly.

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Nine of the 10 highest yielding districts are in Scotland and the North/Midlands. The 10 lowest yielding areas, with the exception of Edgbaston and Holland Park in Birmingham, are all in and around London, the south east and the south coast.

A spokesman for TotallyMoney.com, conducting the research, said: “With bank’s savings rates so disappointingly low, now could be the time to move your money into the increasingly competitive rental market.

“If you can take advantage of the soaring demand for rented accommodation, you could see a double-digit return on your investment if you know where to look.”