Comment: New year, new lockdown as we get used to staying home again

The latest school closure spells challenging times for working parents. 

These are challenging times for working parents. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Happy new lockdown!  

There’s nothing like an unexpected six-week stint of homeschooling to really get a year off to an outstanding start.

And while it’s obviously all for the greater good, it’s undeniably also a massive pain. 

I mean, after a Tier 4 Christmas, it’s not like we haven’t already had an enforced spell at home, but at least that involved a few positives – lounging about reading, eating basically everything and watching endless TV.  

Now our virtual box sets have been swapped for online learning, Teams chats and a long summer holiday-worth of time with our children, without the sun (or, in all likelihood, fun).  

On the bright side, I do at least have a desk this lockdown – albeit one that’s currently being commandeered by a bossy seven-year-old whose Google Classroom commitments are apparently much more important than your Herts Ad property pages. Surely not?? 

This desk-share is a step up from perching on the edge of the bed – my home office set up during the first lockdown – however, so there is that. 

Also, only being allowed out once a day feels a lot less limiting now it’s freezing, though after two weeks of our only excitement being a potter about in the cold, we’re all a bit over that as well.  

This too, as positive people on social media keep telling me, shall pass. 

Apparently the end really is in sight, so let’s cling on to that glimmer of optimism and hope that our homes will soon be all about lounging about doing nothing again, rather than working and - shudder - 'teaching'.