Living above a car park is top of the pods

A ZEDPod could be yours for around £65,000

A ZEDPod could be yours for around £65,000 - Credit: Archant

Those struggling to get on the property ladder have been gifted an interesting new accommodation option in the form of the ZEDPod.

Bijou living: The inside of a ZEDPod

Bijou living: The inside of a ZEDPod - Credit: Archant

The unique system brings the concept of the starter home to a whole new level – quite literally – with houses built on stilts above car parks.

Award winning architect Bill Dunster devised the ZEDPod as a solution to the UK’s housing crisis, saying: “Can a car park also be a place to live? Well, yes, I think it can.

“During the day, commuters, shoppers and hospital visitors park just as they always have, but underneath the homes - with the added advantage of the bays now being covered.

“But at night, as the car parks empty, key workers and students return home to our highly space-efficient and eco-friendly homes - bringing life to otherwise deserted car park assets.

“The homes are free standing, self-sufficient in energy thanks to built-in PV and battery storage. Shared, covered outdoor areas provide further living and socialising space; there is even room for allotment gardens.”

The entry level model costs around £65,000 and can be bought outright if the air rights have been signed over. Alternatively, it can be installed then let for about £650 a month.

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If you’re interested in finding out more, there’s a ZEDPod currently in situ at the building science centre, BRE, in Watford. The next open house event is due to take place on February 7, 10am-12.30pm. To attend, RSVP to Ana Paun on