Keep your bins under wraps with new storage solution

Forest Garden Double Wheelie Bin Hide - yours for £249.99

Forest Garden Double Wheelie Bin Hide - yours for £249.99 - Credit: Archant

Sick of the sight of ugly bins cluttering up your outside space?

Short of building a bespoke bin-tidy, there aren’t many options out there for managing the so-called ‘bin blight’.

Now timber garden product manufacturer Forest Garden have tackled the problem head-on, producing a practical solution to the outdoor eyesore.

The company’s Double Wheelie Bin Hide is a storage solution/bin shelter hybrid, complete with an easy opening bi-fold roof for each bin.

Nicola Simpson, head of marketing for Forest Garden, said: “Previous surveys have proved that wheelie bins supplied to households by local authorities have been dubbed unsightly, spoiling the appearance of homes and they need hiding away from view.

“Homeowners do feel strongly about the negative impact they are having on the appearance of their properties. Our simple but effective storage solution will help to address this growing problem.”

Forest’s Double Wheelie Bin hide measures 122(h) x 146(w) x 92(d)cm and retails at £249.99. The timber is pressure treated and it comes with a 15-year anti rot guarantee.

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