Interiors: Turn your home into a tropical jungle with our style tips

Crazy Banana Sunset. PA Photo/Handout

Crazy Banana Sunset. PA Photo/Handout - Credit: Archant

The tropics may feel a world away, but with a huge range of jungle-inspired decor on offer you can enjoy a slice of paradise at home

Miki Rose's Jungle Print Wallpaper

Miki Rose's Jungle Print Wallpaper - Credit: Archant

Indoors, however, is another matter. By embracing tropical style you can conjure your very own exotic sanctuary, and sit back and bask in paradise all year long.

Think jungle foliage murals and wallpapers, scorched earth colours like red russet, deep fuchsia pink and glowing orange, reminiscent of holiday evening sunsets.

Add to the illusion of that sun-baked setting with fashionable fun touches, from pineapple lamps to cactus vases and perching parrots. Granted, there’s a retro, kitsch feel to this decor style, but interpreted in a modern way - less is more is certainly the rule here - you can rest assured this is truly on-trend.

Here’s how to harvest glowing rooms, where the barometer’s always set on sunny...

Red & Pink Pineapple Wallpaper. PA Photo/Handout

Red & Pink Pineapple Wallpaper. PA Photo/Handout - Credit: Archant

Cactus colours

Conjure an oasis of calm with lush foliage and an array of exotic birds.

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“The big leaf tropical look was originally made popular by Don Loper at his Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942, and this style of leafy wallpaper has since then become of the most recognisable wall coverings in the world. Currently there’s a huge demand for that type of aesthetic,” says designer Robin Sprong, who creates wallpapers featuring incredible imagery, including garden and jungle scenes.

“Our Crazy Banana wallpaper range aims to reflect its origins, while reflecting those trend shades of greens, emeralds and gemstones, so that it’s highly sophisticated yet very retro, and brings the foliage of the garden and jungle indoors.”

Saharan spice

Refresh your palette with a cocktail of citrus shades and quirky, fruit-themed accessories.

“Summer may only just have arrived, but we’ve been enjoying the heat in interiors trends all year. There’s a trend for bright neons and sunshine yellow accents in interiors and fabrics; wallcoverings and accessories take on a tropical theme,” says Katharine Maclaverty, co-founder of Rigby & Mac.

“Think banana leaf pattern, pineapple decorations, kitsch flamingo prints and decorations, palm tree lamps and exotic ornamental birds. Go all out and create Hollywood mid-century glamour, with statement pieces, bold jungle prints, fun tropical accessories and a liberal smattering of warm gold metallics.

“The Seventies revival in fashion is mirrored in interiors, and with it has come the trend for indoor gardening, cacti, succulents and terrariums. The modern way to pull off this look is with natural materials - think reclaimed wood and stone - copper accents and a largely monochrome base. Don’t break out with orange shagpile carpet just yet though - Tropicalia is the inspiration, but you don’t want to recreate Elvis’s jungle room!”

Desert flowers

Generate a frisson of heat with hot pinks and deep reds mixed with tropical blooms.

“Paint like no one is watching! Don’t be afraid to mix it up with tropical shades that buzz with life and re-create the jungle fever at home,” says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux

“Choose colours which are clean, fresh and highly light-reflective, like Luscious Lime, Sunny Savannah 6, Jamaican Ginger, Floral Bunch and Chartreuse Charm, from Dulux’s 2015 Layer + Layer and Friendly Barter trend palettes.

“Use blocks of colour, so popular on the fashion catwalk, to lead you on a path from one area to another in your home, with the brightest colours in the destination zones like the living room and kitchen, where you strike camp, gather with friends and relax.”