Interiors: Add a pop of sunshine to your home with yellow accents

Window and furniture painted in Tibetan Gold, walls in Spotlight (top) and Citybreak, available from

Window and furniture painted in Tibetan Gold, walls in Spotlight (top) and Citybreak, available from Crown Paints. PA Photo/Handout - Credit: Archant

Whether it’s citrus bright or soft and pale, yellow can either energise or bring calm to a space

Yellow’s the colour of sunshine, lemons, sunflowers and buttercups, and even just a small dose of its golden hues will inject rooms with light and energy.

With so many shades to choose from – think citrus bright through to champagne or buttery gold – it’s easy to liven up a space with uplifting zingy colour pop, or bring a warm glow to your space by plundering this palette.

“Yellows are shades like no other; their tones are associated with warmth, optimism and happiness and they’re able to brighten any space in an instant,” says Julie Yarwood, interior designer for Manchester-based furniture specialist, Housing Units.

“Naturally, the popularity of yellow interiors peaks in the summer – especially if we’re feeling somewhat starved of bright, sunny days – but there are ways to incorporate yellow into your decor which will work all year round.”

Pale yellows, she points out, can open up a space and are particularly effective in small rooms or those with a lack of natural light. “Softer yellows, such as buttercup and lemon, can have a calming influence, and make for a great backdrop for dark woods and accent furniture. Deeper, golden yellows are timeless and versatile, lending themselves well to various aesthetics, both traditional and contemporary.”

So play with the power of yellow and tap into sunshine style.

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Mellow yellow

Tone down the effect – too much yellow can be garish – but still achieve a stylish impact by introducing pops of yellow in well-chosen pieces and accessories.

“If used in abundance, vibrant yellows can overtake a room, making it appear smaller than it is. Yellow is, after all, the colour of caution, so proceed with care when using it,” advises Julie Yarwood at Housing Units.

“When choosing brighter shades of yellow, it’s best to pair with neutral tones and greys, as this will help to balance out your colour palette. Using yellow as an accent colour is a great way of injecting life into rooms, which with the ever-popular tonal neutral schemes can lack that ‘special’ something. Adding cushions, artwork or even yellow blooms can make a huge difference.”

Yellow power

Invest in the power of yellow by working the walls with yellow paint or wallpaper, or simply make a statement with a stunning piece of yellow furniture.

“Our eyes can see more yellows than any other colour in the spectrum, and so it’s one of the most versatile colours for expressing different styles in interiors,” enthuses Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. “And if positivity, creativity and joy were colours, they would be shades of yellow.

“From deep complex mustard tones to baby chick pastels, yellow keeps surprising us with its rich complexity and ability to delight. If you like your yellow sharp and sweet, try our Sunny Savannah 6 [from the Layer + Layer Collection, £24.49 for 2.5L], or if you prefer a more creamy, dreamy yellow, you’ll love Sunny Day [from the Travels In Colour Collection, £21.98 for 2.5L].”