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Flowton Priory Front Door

Flowton Priory Front Door - Credit: Archant

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Everyone loves property! Whether it’s getting an insight into how the other half live, unearthing unique decorating tips or admiring an innovative feat of architecture, it’s a very visual aspect of life.

It’s not all about the bricks and mortar. While that’s certainly a key part of it, there comes a point in our quest for the perfect home when we want to put the blueprints, interest rates and dual-flush plumbing to one side and think about the prettier aspects of having a home.

Thanks to the web, social media and trends within photography, it’s ridiculously easy to share and admire design concepts from all over the planet. Inspiration is available by the bucket-load at the swipe of a phone screen. And the best place to go for photography of this nature is Instagram.

If you can wade your way through the multitude of accounts that perpetuate the world’s obsession with selfies, you’ll find a plethora of beautiful accounts dedicated to visual aspects of architecture, interior design, home accessories, gardens, landscaping and art. It’s here that many homeowners find inspiration for decorating their own properties. There are concepts and ideas out there that you might never have dreamt up had you not stumbled across it on someone’s innovative Instagram page. And at the very least, we all enjoy looking at eye-catching photographs. Instagram is like a picture book for grown-ups.

We are on it. Our newly launched account can be followed at hertsad_property on Instagram. We will be tieing in the content of our page with forthcoming features and articles that will appear on this website and our soon-to-be-launched printed property supplement. As well as reporting the ups and downs of the property market, our content focuses on decor, the garden, architecture, home ideas and local properties on the market. This makes for a glorious array of photographic material and our Instagram account will boast this content colourfully, artistically and inspirationally.

So follow us at hertsad_property and we’ll get publishing. Last week we visited the incredible Flowton Priory in Harpenden. For a preview of what’s to come, keep an eye on Instagram for some sneak peeks of the beautiful Tudor manor house, some of which we have already uploaded.

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