4 ways to save money when moving house

The stamp duty holiday isn't the only way you can save money when moving. 

The stamp duty holiday isn't the only way you can save money when moving. - Credit: Alamy/PA

Home buyers in England and Northern Ireland don’t have long before the stamp duty holiday ends completely on September 30.

If it looks like you will miss the deadline to pay less tax, you may be looking for other ways to save some cash when it comes to moving or selling your house.

Here are some tips from Sam Mitchell, CEO of online estate agent, Strike…

Sam Mitchell, CEO of online estate agent, Strike.

Sam Mitchell from Strike. - Credit: Strike/PA

1. Time your sale

The quicker you can sell, the more chance you may have of keeping costs down. Legal fees, for example, can increase if sales are held up. An estate agent who offers consistent support can help the process go smoothly.

Certain times of year can also be quieter. Traditionally, there can be a dip in activity in late summer. Christmas is also often quieter.

2. Consider your mortgage

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It’s important to consider what you do with your mortgage when moving, as this could throw up unexpected costs. Most lenders will allow you to ‘port’ your mortgage and move it from your existing property to your new home. But if you want to pay off the mortgage, it could come at a cost. Check with your lender.

If you have had your mortgage for a while, it may be a good time to consider switching, as rates are incredibly low.

There are plenty of ways you can save when moving house. 

There are plenty of ways you can save when moving house. - Credit: Alamy/PA

3. Shop around

Moving is a perfect time to re-evaluate your subscriptions and bills – deciding whether you need them or could be better off elsewhere. Do some research and ask friends and family for recommendations on deals on utilities and broadband, getting a water meter or reassessing car insurance.

Those swapping city life for a rural location could potentially strike a cheaper deal on car insurance by moving to a quieter area.

4. Reduce moving costs

The more you need to move, the higher the likely cost. In the weeks, or months, before packing, declutter room by room. You could also ask family, friends or retailers for any spare moving boxes.

Moving on a Sunday may save you money. 

Moving on a Sunday may save you money. - Credit: Alamy/PA

Being flexible over moving days could help. Typically, Fridays are highest in demand while Sundays often tend to be cheaper. Some removal firms offer discounts to people in the armed forces, pensioners, students and key workers. Alternatively, you could go DIY and rent a van.

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