How to prevent or tackle mould in your home

Not nice: Follow these top tips for getting rid of mould in your home

Not nice: Follow these top tips for getting rid of mould in your home - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mince pies and mulled wine are much more merry than mould - but as winter gets underway, homeowners, landlords and tenants will suffer problems that cold weather causes properties.

And mould should not be underestimated for its ability to cause misery, affecting thousands of landlords and tenants.

Capable of growing anywhere from carpet to clothing, inside walls, on pipes and above ceilings, it is reportedly a bigger trigger of landlord-tenant disputes than any other issue.

It is expensive and difficult to fix and can damage health of those living with it, through allergens, irritants and toxins it produces.

Managing director of property specialist Leaders, Allison Thompson, said: “Mould can seemingly appear out of nowhere and very quickly become a huge concern in many properties.

“We often see landlords and tenants pointing the finger at each other when mould appears, with the former suspecting it is the result of the lifestyle of the latter. However, tenants often believe their landlord should have done more to prevent it.

“The good news is, most cases are the result of high humidity rather than any faults with a building and can be easily addressed. The most effective approach in avoiding or tackling mould is to reduce moisture within a home.”

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Leaders’ practical tips include:

* Identifying problem areas in a property and preventing mould with the right products or by making minor repairs

* Ensuring effective ventilation during cooking, showering, while doing laundry and closing doors to limit the spread of condensation

* Diverting water away from your property

* Monitoring humidity and drying wet areas – such as bath water on the floor, leaky pipes or after heavy rainfall

Allison added: “We know from more than 30 years’ experience of looking after rented property these simple tips will help landlords and tenants avoid becoming embroiled in a dispute and keep properties free of mould and the damage it causes.”

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