How to make your garden room great

Lucky garden room owners can make this their play space

Lucky garden room owners can make this their play space - Credit: © Nikhilesh Haval

A garden room is a luxury many of us can only dream of, but ownership does pose one problem: what exactly should it be used for?

Emyr Davies, Design Director at Arboreta, has a few suggestions on how best to use this extra area, including:

A home office

You may work from home and want a dedicated study space to use as your base. A bespoke garden room will stylishly complement your home, being either an addition to your downstairs living space, or freestanding at the end of your garden. Floor-to-ceiling glazing enables you to have panoramic views of the outdoors and lets the light flood in.

Entertaining space

You may have always wanted more space to entertain friends and family when they visit. A garden room provides comfortable sofas to relax with drinks and a table to dine at to enjoy views of the garden.

Hobby room

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You may have a hobby such as sewing, painting or drawing, which you want to nurture and find a dedicated space for within the home. Many people build garden rooms specifically for this purpose, with artists’ workshops and sewing rooms being another great use for the extra space.

Play room

With the inclusion of built-in toy storage, snooker or football table, and a large TV mounted on the wall, you can use a garden room as a playroom or games room, allowing the hustle and bustle of playtime to be separate from the main house.

Home gym

You could also use your garden room as a home gym or yoga studio, an extra bedroom for a family member, or simply as a space for you to relax and unwind after a busy day with a good book and cup of tea or glass of wine.

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