How to make a room more multi-functional

Decluttering dual purpose rooms can be tricky

Decluttering dual purpose rooms can be tricky - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Space constraints and a growing trend for home working mean we often need to create multi-functional rooms in our properties.

Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross - Credit: Archant

From the living room/office to the play room/guest room there are many dual-purpose options in our homes. These spaces can often get overwhelmed with clutter and must work hard to accommodate both needs.

I am often asked by my clients how they can maintain order in a multi-functional room. So here are some of my top tips for organising a spare room to be used as both a workspace and guest room.

Guest frequency

Using a spare room as both a workspace and a guest room requires some careful organisation

Using a spare room as both a workspace and a guest room requires some careful organisation - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

How often do guests come to stay? This will determine the size of your workspace.

Clear and declutter

Clear out the spare room and create three piles – work space items, guest room items and anything that does not belong in this space (return to the correct room or purge to charity or the tip).

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Desk and light

Next you need to decide the best position for your desk. Ideally this should be positioned next to the window to maximise the natural light. The size of your desk will depend on how often you need to convert the space into a guest room.

Creative furniture

Next you need to find creative furniture solutions that make it easy to transform your workspace into a bedroom.

n Day beds: The Flekke day bed from IKEA has two storage drawers and can be converted to a double bed for guests. You can dress the bed as a sofa during the day with cushions and a throw. Additional bedding can be stored in the drawers under the bed. Alternatively, the drawers can be used to store work files/equipment.

n Vertical shelving: Again, the Kallax range from IKEA, with the option of boxes, is an ideal solution; it can hold work items while also offering guests a place to store their things.

n Door hooks: These can be used by guests to hang key items during their stay.


Have a look at Pinterest for fab ideas on colour and accessories that you can use to dress the room.

It’s important that a dual-purpose room is both desirable to work in and for guests to stay in.

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