How to create and maintain a clutter free home

Excesssive amounts of clutter can make for an unhappy home

Excesssive amounts of clutter can make for an unhappy home - Credit: Getty Images

Christmas is over, and all most of us have to show for it – apart from tighter trousers – is a massive amount of stuff.

Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross - Credit: Archant

If you feel like you’re struggling to cope with the chaos surrounding you at home, Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised has some top tips.

Having a place for everything is the key to saving time and creating a sense of calm, according to the lifestyle management expert.

She says: “Look at each room and identify the areas that need to be decluttered, such as toys spread all other the living room or paperwork piled on the kitchen or bedside tables.

“It’s useful to organise storage solutions in your home at the key points where things accumulate; paperwork in a file in the kitchen, a shoe box in the hallway and a toy box in a corner of the living room.”

Once you’ve identified the right space for each item you need to consider if the storage solution that you have works. If not, Tracy suggests sourcing an alternative. “Once you have the right storage, maintaining the clutter becomes much easier,” she says.

Finally, Tracy recommends packing away and labelling those items that you no longer need. “Each item should fit into one of the following categories,” she says. “Store in the loft for future use (old baby clothes/toys); eBay (earn money from good quality items); give away to friends/family/charity.”

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