Comment: No houses to hunt means a focus on home improvements

It only took 18 months for Jane to find the perfect grey carpet. Picture: Getty

It only took 18 months for Jane to find the perfect grey carpet. Picture: Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Easter means many things, none of them property-related.

So if, like me, you’ve been filling your face with chocolate while endlessly refreshing Rightmove, you’ll have no new property viewings to go with your half-stone weight gain.

Yes, however hard I tried to keep the house hunt moving, the long weekend forced me to put my search on the backburner; no amount of refreshing was going to bring my dream home – or basically any home – to the market until after Easter Monday.

Amid the chaos of the school holidays, our home improvements have continued to chug along, with more boxes of stuff leaving the house and a new carpet finally arriving.

I’ve written before about our general struggle to make a decision on anything house-related, so I’m disproportionately proud to report that our new carpet is now in situ a mere 18-months after we first started looking. It’s a grey one. Definitely worth a year-and-a-half of hand-wringing and sample hiring.

I do like it, though. Bits of the previous one were threadbare and ripped up by cats so it couldn’t not be an improvement, frankly.

It did make for a challenging start to last week, though; it covers three bedrooms, a hall and two flights of stairs, meaning a lot of temporary repositioning of furniture over a couple of non-fun evenings.

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The upheaval has definitely been worth it, and we’ve been left asking ourselves if we maybe could manage something a little more challenging when and if we do ever move house.

Taking a look at my sister’s ongoing renovation over the Easter weekend filled me with hope. They’ve somehow remained sane while transforming every aspect of their increasingly lovely home, and they’re not done yet.

But could we handle the setbacks, such as builders putting tiles on wrong (chevron instead of herringbone – I had to Google it) after months of meticulous planning? I’m thinking possibly not. One step (on comfy new carpet) at a time.