House hunters from Hell

Don't make sellers dread answering the door to potential buyers this Halloween

Don't make sellers dread answering the door to potential buyers this Halloween - Credit: Getty Images/VStock RF

Avoid becoming the ‘Home Hunter from Hell’ this Halloween to secure the property of your dreams.

With eight buyers chasing after every property on the market, myhomemove has released its top five ‘No-Nos’ guaranteed to put sellers’ backs up, alongside its ‘Home Hunter from Hell’ list, to help potential home movers avoid making the ghoulish mistakes that upset sellers this Halloween.

Top five ‘No-Nos’ guaranteed to put sellers’ backs up

- The buyer who rifles through the owner’s cupboards and drawers

- The buyer who fails to remove their shoes despite being asked to, or brings food and drink into a property and then consumes it

You may also want to watch:

- The buyer who asks to use the toilet and forgets to flush it

- The buyer who asks for a reduction in the price even before setting foot inside the property

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- The buyer who brings unruly children or their extended family to a viewing

When faced with competing offers, sellers have the ultimate say in which offer to accept - often resulting in them choosing the buyer they like and trust to go through with the deal.

What about tips for getting on sellers’ good sides? Doug Crawford, CEO of myhomemove said: “To ensure you and your offer are taken seriously, we’d highly recommend following our top tips, especially with so many buyers chasing after each property. Having the goodwill of the seller can be priceless when you’re competing for your dream property. And while it might all sound like a bit of fun for Halloween, it seems that good manners really are the key to securing you next home move.”

Estate Agents’ advice to avoid becoming a ‘Home Hunter from Hell’

- Don’t walk around a property criticising it in front of the seller

- Don’t argue the price down even before setting foot inside the property

- Don’t talk over your husband/wife, the seller or Estate Agent. And never tell them to shut up!

- Don’t be late with no apology

- Don’t be disrespectful to the homeowner by saying something like ‘you must have a rich husband, you surely can’t have afforded to buy this house by yourself’

- Don’t try out the owner’s sofas or beds by lying on them – especially when you are not buying them.

Happy Halloween Hunting!

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