Home improvement ideas for increasing your St Albans and Harpenden property’s value

SWS property p3

SWS property p3 - Credit: Archant

Jon Over, Managing Director at Goldstone Homes, provides his home improvement ideas for helping to increase your property’s value.

A property is one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime and with increased pressures on personal finances looming in later life, it makes sense to ensure that your home remains in tip top condition.

The heart of the home: the kitchen has become an integral part of modern day living and is often regarded as the heart of any home. The key to creating a perfect kitchen is careful planning and quality fixtures and fittings. Built in appliances, hard wearing worktops and timeless design will all help to add value. However, don’t go overboard. Keep the look and feel in line with the rest of your home and proportionate with your property’s value and the surrounding area.

Conservatory/extension: creating extra space is always going to be a welcome addition for any property. Do your research thoroughly and spend time focusing on what will work best for your property. Speak to a professional tradesperson so you can ensure you are getting the best return on your investment. Extra space should be seamless and work well with a property’s existing layout. Out of place conservatories and clumsy shaped extensions are a no-no.

Parking: the average UK family has two cars so parking is often at a premium especially on roads with older properties. Using surplus space to the side, front or even the back of your property for off street parking is not only desirable to future buyers but also guarantees a safe space for your vehicle and helps to reduce the cost of your car insurance. A good builder will be able to advise you on the best types of materials to use, accessibility and any relevant permissions required for lowering curbs adjacent to your proposed parking space.

Conversions: loft or basement conversions are a great way to utilise existing space and create additional rooms. Think about how the conversion will work with the current layout and what the conversion will mean in terms of added value. For example, an additional bedroom won’t work in a four bedroom home with one bathroom unless you have space to create an en-suite facility as well. Any undertaking this large should always be carried out by a professional. Get recommendations for a reputable and reliable construction company and, if possible, view examples of previous projects that they have completed.