Herts Ad property columnist Alasdair Melville answers our questions

Alasdair Melville

Alasdair Melville - Credit: Archant

The owner and Managing Director of Hawk & Chadwick Ltd tells us about his property expertise (and his cat Hugo)

What’s different about your agency?

We’re real people, and we’re normal! I started this company because, in my opinion, Estate Agency had become all about commission, profits and infighting between brands, and was no longer about helping the person who is putting their life savings on the line and making a life changing decision. Therefore our business revolves around providing a better experience for the people we work with.

Where do you live and with whom?

In Sandridge with my business partner (and partner) Leia and our cat Hugo. He says hi!

Why did you buy your current home?

I grew up around Flamstead and I’ve lived in St Albans for the last 10 years on and off. Sandridge gave us the opportunity to be close to both St Albans and Harpenden but also the opportunity to reach out into the open countryside – you can’t beat a long walk in the fields!

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If you weren’t an estate agent, what would you be?

Banker? Traffic Warden? But seriously – I would like to invest in helping people become the best version of themselves. I used to work as a qualified technical trainer in Estate Agency and Lettings qualifications (the areas I’m passionate about). I love travel – life is all about experiences and memories, not the wealth you can amass.

What was your first property like?

A double bedroom in a shared house with two old school friends in St Albans just off Sopwell Lane – it was brilliant fun. I’ve acquired plenty of stories but you’ll have to buy me a pint if you want to hear them!

What feature would your dream house have?

Plenty of land in a quiet place – space for entertaining and a great view. Swimming pools and Helipads aren’t my thing.

What would you say to someone interested in relocating to St Albans?

You’ll love it – the history, the ‘feel’ of the town, the opportunities and the society. It’s easily one of the best towns in the country – knocks spots off London by a country mile.

Where would your holiday home be?

Wouldn’t life be more exciting to use your investment income to travel to any location in the world and do anything, anywhere at any time? That’s living!