Hello, Hertfordshire! Welcome to your shiny new property section

The key to the Hertfordshire property market...

The key to the Hertfordshire property market... - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Our print edition now covers Stevenage, Welwyn and Hatfield as well as St Albans, Harpenden and surrounding areas.

From Garston to Stevenage Old Town (pictured) we've got it covered

From Garston to Stevenage Old Town (pictured) we've got it covered - Credit: Daniel Wilson

We’re hoping you’ll see this as your go-to guide for all things homes related – we cover everything from R2-D2 coffee makers, to actual house porn, as you’ll see in this issue.

Speaking as someone with a high level of interest in the lives of others (this is sometimes called nosiness) I love finding out where people are from and where they’d ideally like to end up. Our Property Secrets feature asks these questions and more of interesting Hertfordshire folk, starting with novelist Angela Clarke. Watford-born, Angela now lives in St Albans with her husband “and about 600 books”.

A self-confessed maximalist, she tells us what she loves most about her little piece of suburbia, and the interesting ornaments she has about the place. Take her huge, metre-high figurative sculpture, for example. It’s made of vandalised bus shelter glass and is so heavy it sits on a unit with a reinforced steel bar running through it – quite a unique piece, as you can see (Angela’s feature will be online later today).

High tech gadgetry isn’t for everyone, but these days there’s plenty of it on the market, designed to make life a lot easier at home. If you can get your head round it all, that is. Our writer Caroline Thain got to grips with Hive, Now TV and more - online soon.

Then there’s our weekly area guides, which offer a sneaky peek into parts of Hertfordshire you might not know well. This week’s area is Garston, which many of us know little of beyond its cinema and bowling alley. Turns out it was once the home of a host of retro celebs, including Simon Le Bon, George Michael and Vinnie Jones, among others. Sounds like reason enough to visit… or you can make do with the feature (also online within the week!)

If there’s an area anywhere in Hertfordshire that you’re interested in reading about, please let us know. We’d also like to hear what you love or loathe about your own town or village – all insider tips are warmly received. Next week’s area guide is pricey Brookmans Park, with its bustling high street and massive mansions. Do drop us a line if you’ve got a favourite pub/park/anecdote about living near Tulisa’s former pile – we’d love to hear all!

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