Comment: So is Harpenden’s £2m flat worth its hefty price tag?

Not cheap: Prices at Welcombe House range from £1.5m to £2.12m. Picture: Fairview New Homes

Not cheap: Prices at Welcombe House range from £1.5m to £2.12m. Picture: Fairview New Homes - Credit: Archant

The most expensive apartments currently available for sale in Harpenden need to be seen to be believed!

There are worse jobs than writing about property for a living.

I once worked in a cinema in Chelsea, where I was regularly spoken to rudely by rich people who urgently needed popcorn.

I also spent a spell in a packing factory in West Yorkshire, sticking labels on jars of sweets. If they were even slightly skew-whiff, the foreman had a meltdown.

In theory, my life now should be far removed from all that. As a property writer, I should be spending my time touring massive mansions, admiring their basement leisure complexes and enormous en suites, right?

Sadly not. Most of my time is spent at my desk, surrounded by stacks of copies of the Herts Ad and the Comet, within which are many pictures of the said stupendous homes there's rarely time to actually see.

Occasionally I do get out, though - some properties demand a viewing. And a two-bedroom flat priced in excess of £2m definitely needed to be seen for its price tag to be believed.

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Welcombe House - formerly the Harpenden House Hotel - has been converted into five super-swish apartments. Two have already been snapped up, but three remain, priced at £1.5m and £2.12m for the two-beds, and £1.875m for the three-bed.

Yep, £2.12m for a two-bed flat. A lot, even by Harpenden standards. Of course, this is no regular boxy new build - it's part of a Grade II listed building that holds a special place in many local people's hearts. The flats are spacious, immaculately fitted out and full of quirkily appealing period features, such as wonky ceilings and original windows. Each one includes a couple of underground parking spaces, multiple luxury bathrooms and an enviable location opposite the Common.

Not surprisingly given the price, the two that have sold so far have been bought by downsizers.

Are they worth it? Well, they're certainly stunning, unique homes. If I had a spare couple of mill and no kids I'd be up for buying one.

Check out next week's feature for the full lowdown!