Comment: Going grey is OK – whatever Kirstie Allsopp says

Safe in the knowledge that grey is the (not so) new neutral and the on trend alternative to magnolia I’ve plastered my whole house in it – only to have my dreams of being moderately stylish crushed by none other than Kirstie Allsopp.

The TV property guru is never one to shy away from sharing her thoughts on Twitter, and grey walls have followed hot on the heels of disinfected homes ("bonkers") and washing machines in kitchens ("disgusting") and become her latest target.

"Think twice before painting a house grey," warned Kirstie, "even the palest grey.

"It seems very fashionable at the moment and I've yet to see it done really successfully."

Every other wall in my house is grey; so when faffing about with a load of sample pots feels much too hard, I reach for Dulux's Chic Shadow and think, "yeah, that'll do".

But Kirstie, who favours a colour similar to Farrow & Ball's Pointing, which she describes as a white/magnolia hybrid, thinks I'm getting it wrong and could be making my home look needlessly dark.

Her Twitter followers were gripped by the debate, with many sending in snaps of their own grey rooms for her consideration, garnering a mixed bag of comments from the Location, Location, Location star.

On balance, she thinks the lighter end of the grey spectrum is OK, but generally worries that darker shades sap natural light.

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She does like grey carpets, though - the relief!

Anyway, following a frenzy among her followers, Kirstie concluded thus: "Very pale fine, outside OK too but you could be making home look like submarine. Very dark chic, but has to be very sharply done, other colours needed to bring it out."

Personally, I love a bold grey wall, I just don't have the confidence required to give it a go - partly, I admit, because I worry it will make my house look dark. Maybe Kirstie has a point?