Gifts for the home: move over St Albans, it’s St Valentine’s weekend

Engraved Set Of Slate Placemats | - £34.99

Engraved Set Of Slate Placemats | - £34.99 - Credit: Archant

Valentine’s Day has morphed into Valentine’s Weekend this year, given that it falls on a Sunday. Couples will be elongating the celebrations, no doubt, from Friday through Sunday. So why not go a little bigger in your gift giving this year?

In Your Own Words Wooden Wall Art | Seahorse - £28

In Your Own Words Wooden Wall Art | Seahorse - £28 - Credit: Archant

Think beyond standard bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolates and other perishable items. Those things do nothing but highlight the fact that, in truth, V-Day lacks real meaning.

So - make it mean something! Buy your partner something for your home together – something that’s personal to you, that you can enjoy together and that won’t be dead/eaten up by next week!

Personalised Letter Tiles Print | - £39.99

Personalised Letter Tiles Print | - £39.99 - Credit: Archant

Personalised Letter Tiles Print | - £39.99

With this stylish print, all you need to supply are the names of you and your significant other. For the competitive couple, there’s even a winner with this gift - your score will come from how many points your name accumulates. At the bottom of the print you can include a message – perhaps an intellectual quip, favourite motivational quote or a saying that means something to you both, which will be accompanied by your overall word score printed on its own tile.

Personalised Scratch Map Of The World | - £14.99

Personalised Scratch Map Of The World | - £14.99 - Credit: Archant

Personalised ‘Story Of Us’ Timeline Print | The Drifting Bear Co - £48

This personalised ‘Story Of Us’ timeline print takes special milestones in your lifetime, transforming them into a wonderful piece of art. You can choose up to sixteen special dates and events to feature in your story. These could be anything momentous to you or the recipient, such as a proposal, a wedding day, a memorable holiday or a special anniversary. Choose between 6-16 dates in your life, along with a text description for each one (up to 120 characters). You can also choose a ‘sign off’ message to appear at the bottom of the print (eg. To be continued...). Pick from 3 different colour schemes - a colourful deep sea blue & sunny yellow, a citrus fresh oranges & lemons or a dreamy seaglass & driftwood.

Personalised Story Of Us Timeline Print | The Drifting Bear Co - £48

Personalised Story Of Us Timeline Print | The Drifting Bear Co - £48 - Credit: Archant

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Personalised Scratch Map Of The World | - £14.99

This stylish Scratch Map features a gold top foil layer that you can scratch off to reveal a multicoloured world below. Use it to chart all of the destinations you’ve visited together and create a personalised and unique map, filled with vibrant colour and geographic detail. And if you stick it on to your wall, everyone who visits will be able to see the far-flung corners of the world you’ve explored as a couple!

Personalised My Side Your Side Pillowcases | Twisted Twee Homewares - £26

Personalised My Side Your Side Pillowcases | Twisted Twee Homewares - £26 - Credit: Archant

‘Personalised My Side Your Side’ Pillowcases | Twisted Twee Homewares - £26

For the beloved bed-hogger in your life. Black arrows run the length of the pillowcase - one taking up 75% of the space and the other reaching across the remaining 25%. You can order a personalised version of this design printing the names of the couple. So for instance: ‘Ben’s side/ Helen’s side’. The arrows are black and the text an elegant grey. The cases are made from the finest Egyptian cotton. They have a high thread count and retain their shape well.

Sicilia Iron Companion Seat | Greenfingers - £99.99

Sicilia Iron Companion Seat | Greenfingers - £99.99 - Credit: Archant

‘In Your Own Words’ Wooden Wall Art | Seahorse - £28

Create your own wall art in your own words with these stunning handmade wooden signs in a range of bright or pastel hues. Remember favourite phrases or for the hopelessly romantic why not spell out your names on the wall. Available as a cute little sign ideal for a small Valentines gift or as a large sign to make a real statement on your walls. Decide between elegant script or a chunky font in a variety of on-trend colours. You can choose up to six words for your sign.

Fanback Porch Swing | Etsy - £131

Fanback Porch Swing | Etsy - £131 - Credit: Archant

Engraved Set Of Slate Placemats | - £34.99

There’s nothing quite like sitting down at the table with your partner and indulging yourself with a romantic meal. Add in a bottle of wine, some candles, maybe even a bit of ambient music for a truly special atmosphere. This set of 2 slate heart placemats are designed exclusively with a lucky couple in mind. They’re made from all-natural slate that’s guaranteed to look fantastic on a dining table. Reading ‘Eating Together Since...’ each placemat can be engraved with a significant date and their names.

Sicilia Iron Companion Seat | Greenfingers - £99.99

This love seat will look great in any traditional or contemporary garden, or on a patio or decking. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement. With a wonderfully ornate design, it is an ideal place to just sit and unwind with your loved one. If you have limited space, this is a great alternative to a full size garden bench and features a handy table for you to place drinks or snacks on. It has a lovely powder coated finish and is durable - a must for garden furniture.

Fanback Porch Swing | Etsy - £131

This Fan Back Swing is a unique design and comes in many colour options. Made from yellow pine, which is a very hard strong pine, the swings are finished off with a nice exterior grade paint – with several stunning paint colours to choose from. Perfect as the spring draws nearer for those lazy Sunday afternoons together.